Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's been a while!

So I'm pretty much in maintenance.  For those not up on the post bariatric surgery vernacular that means I"m no longer trying t o lose weight, just maintain.   I've been maintaining (see what we did there) at 134-137 for over a month and find it easy and I feel great.  So no real reason to keep going lower.  Yes my original goal was 130, but I just don't see what I would gain by losing 4 more lbs.  Who cares!

As I'm no longer in the losing phase, while I'm sure I will talk about maintaining and any food slip-ups I may have, I really see this blog turning more into a chronicle  of  my new life, centering mostly around my running and horse endeavors.

The holidays are upon us and with that comes massive amounts of food.  Until yesterday I'd really had no issues not imbibing.  Unfortunately, my fiber arts group (a fancy way to say knitters and crocheters) had a little get together and with it came massive amounts of food.  I made cookies and brought a meat and cheese tray.  Someone else brought baked brie cheese.  That was my downfall.  Not quite sure how much I ate of that, but it was more than my fair share.  And since it's ooey and gooey it doesn't fill up my tiny tummy, also high in fat and therefore calories.  All in all not the best of choices.  I ate it, it was good, and then I did a kettle bell workout to work a few of the extra calories off.  Tomorrow is spin day at the gym, so I'll push a bit harder to work those calories off.

I'm still just agog at the changes in my life.  Last year to this year is such a huge difference.  I teach riding lessons now 3-4 days a week, and I took my horse, Phoenix, to her first show last weekend.  She did exactly what  I wanted, which was stayed pretty sane (had a moment or two) and we went through 6 classes, which included 2 over fences (that's where she really shined) and 1 that included a canter.

The week before the show we had a lesson with Luis Galindo of Galindo Sport Horses.  First, let me say I LOVE his teaching style and the difference in my horse from walking in the ring to leaving was huge.  She's now really starting to carry herself in some sort of frame and looks great.

What's a blog without some pictures!  The first couple pics are of Phoenix and me at our lesson a couple weeks ago and those below (where I"m dressed all fancy) are at the show last weekend.  This weekend is our lesson with Paul Turner of Parkside Show Stables and I think he'll see a huge difference.