Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Couple of Weeks

Sorry I've been absent.  As you know two weeks ago today I had breast reduction with a lift done.  I didn't mention in my last post that I was super worried they were too small.  It was quite a shock to wake up to something so different than what you fell asleep with.

Well I worry no more!  They are FABULOUS.  I've never in my life had perky breasts as large "pendulum" breasts run in my family.  I can now wear those tank tops with built in shelf bras, I tried on numerous dresses this weekend for family photos and didn't need a bra at all.  It is AMAZING.  They still look horrid naked though with the incision marks bright red but I know it will pass.  My doctor, Stephen Baker, MD, did an outstanding job getting rid of my side boob as well.

Here's one of the dresses I tried on along with the new boobs!

Thanks to my son for taking the pic.  I hate having to do the mirror thing.

Here's a pic from a couple of weeks ago to remind you how large my breasts were before the surgery (and show off my sexy husband).

Really there's two things I'd like to still fix with plastic surgery; 1) get the extra skin around my mid section removed.  I know many people go with a lower body lift but I don't really think I need it, my butt and thighs have held up remarkably well so a tummy tuck may be all I need 2) Brachioplasty, the removal of the excess skin on my arms.  Now that one is still up in the air.  I HATE my upper arms, always have, even when I was fit my upper arms were flabbier than they should have been, but the scars with this surgery tend to be much more noticeable than other surgeries so you really have to weigh the pros and cons.  I will definitely get a Tummy Tuck, the arms, we'll just have to see.

I didn't weigh in last week, so I'll get everyone up to speed.  When I went in for surgery I was at 170.8, by Thursday I was back up to 178 from fluid retention.  Trust me there's no way I could eat enough calories to gain that much in 4 days, plus I had zero appetite after surgery.  I weighed in last Monday at 167.4.  That's pretty good considering all the fluids they pump into you and the fact that my breasts were still quite swollen in areas.  Today I weighed in at 161.4!!  Now I do realize at some point I'm getting a 2lb boost from the tissue he took away but still that is pretty awesome a 6lb week this far out.  It also means I've lost over 100lbs since I began my surgery journey last September.

So all in all a great week.  I get to start back up with the exercise this week and boy did I miss it.  I won't be running yet, but I plan on the elliptical and bike for the next 2 weeks than a transition back into running.  I can't wait!


Jillian said...

Nice rack! Glad to hear things are going well post-op, you will be back to running in no time.

We won't be coming up there next weekend because of my daughter's school. Wish we were still coming up, but we don't want her missing 2 days of school the second week of the school year. I am bummed because I wanted to meet you, but we will be up there at some point. Have you guys made a decision about Fort Stewart yet?

H. Renee Ford said...

Oh I'm so sorry you won't be coming up at all. That stinks! He put Kansas as his #1 choice but honestly I think we're going to get stuck in DC for a very long time.