Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gadgets! (Finally)

So, sorry I was MIA last week.  I managed to come down with bronchitis and once recovered spent the rest of the week just trying to get back to zero.  It's amazing how bad a house can look when you are down for the count for 5 days.  Anyway I weighed in on Monday at 211.8.  I will say that was probably artificially low as I was so sick I wasn't drinking properly.  I won't expect to see a great weight loss tomorrow if any at all.

But now the exciting part of the post.  I will tell you all of the gadgets and stuff I use daily to make this journey easier.  Or in the case of my vitamins healthier.  I am currently, consistently, getting 600-700 calories, under 40g of carbs and over 70g of protein.  This involves supplementation, measuring and cooking in new ways.

Lets start with supplementation.  Here is my part of the kitchen counter:

Included here you will see 4 different types of protein.  My favorite is the Muscle Milk 100% Whey.  There are 140 calories, 3g of carbs and 27g of protein.  I like it because it isn't super sweet.  I totally lost my sweet tooth after surgery (this is a great thing).  I mix the protein with many things, some of my staples are, 1tbs of PB2 (powered peanut butter), 1tbs of Ghirardelli unsweetened baking cocoa, Torani sugar free syrups (also great with greek yogurt) or a cup of coffee with 3/4 a cup of ice.  I mix it in my Magic Bullet, which I couldn't live without.  LOVE that thing, and I get no money for saying so.  The only down side to the Magic Bullet is it puts a fair bit of air in the mixture.  This isn't so much a problem now but it was a real issue week 1 and 2.  I had my shaker cups for those two weeks and that solved that issue.

Next let's move onto the world of supplementation.  As I said before I only get 600-700 calories a day.  I have large fat stores (duh!) so this isn't a problem of fuel but it is a problem of vitamins and minerals.  It's almost impossible to get all you need on so few calories.  So here's what I take a day:

From right to left:  Calcium Citrate, it's important that it is citrate as that's the one my new stomach can digest properly.  It comes in chewable form which is great for my new tiny tummy.  Vitamin B-12, sublingual.  Subligual means under my tongue. You can also get shots once a month but I think taking this once a day is easier (and slightly less painful).  Vitamin D3.  It's important that it be D3 and not D2.  This isn't a necessity for everyone but I am deficient in this vitamin and must take it all the time.  Uridisol (Actigall) this isn't a vitamin.  It's a prescription for a drug that reduces the chance of getting gall stones down to 2-3%.  Anytime you lose large amounts of weight getting gallstones is a possibility and I'd like to not have any more surgery (until it's plastic surgery time!).  And last my daily vitamin.  I'm not thrilled with the taste and the 3g of carbs isn't fantastic either but it's chewable and gets the vitamins in.  I'll switch to a normal swallowing one once this tub is gone.
Gadgets and Stuff:

 My lean mean grilling machine is so great for the small amounts of meat and fish that I cook.  I often cook different items for myself and the family and this just makes my life easier.  It is not a necessity but I certainly love having it around.

Ahhh all my measurers.  I got great advice from someone on Obesity to go to the local $1 store and stock up.  I use my scale and all the measuring devices at least 3x a day.  It is so helpful, these are must haves, you CANNOT keep accurate track of your foods without this.

My ace in the hole:

Smaller plate.  I just put my new (pretty don't you think) plate on top of my regular size.  I went to Ikea bought myself some pretty plates  and tiny spoons (to help with proper bite size).  I love purple so these make me happy!

Well that's it.  That's what I use daily to help me in this journey.  Hope it gave some sort of insight!