Monday, April 9, 2012

I have an Owie!

Ok so after about 12 days post surgery I started to feel much better.  Not perfect but at least human and in little pain.  Last Monday (14 days post-op), I walked my neighbors' dogs.  One of which is roughly 80 lbs.  On that walk he decided a squirrel was much more interesting than the grass and took off.  Well, I'm not sure you realize how much you have to use your stomach muscles to stop a dog until you don't really have any.  Somehow in that altercation I pulled something around one of my incisions.  This is an incision that honestly I didn't even know it was there as it has never bothered me up until then.

Now a week later it still burns and pulls when I move wrong and the pain got so bad last week I had to take morphine again.  I know my surgeon is in surgery all day today, but if I'm not starting to feel markedly better by tomorrow I'm going to call.  There is no swelling or redness but this pain is making functioning very difficult.  I'm not sleeping well because I have to wake up any time I want to turn over.  I haven't been able to do any walking as that aggravates it.  We've had gorgeous weather and I've pretty much been stuck inside.  All in all it sucks.

I know others feel this way, and I know it's completely irrational, but I wish I'd just be skinny already.  I feel like I've had enough of the pain and I'm ready to be "normal" again.  I know that is nonsense but yet I still feel that way.  I think in another 2 weeks when this is long past I will feel different about it, but right now I'm really ready for the tired all the time and pain to be gone.  I know I don't have it bad compared to some, who have leaks or horrible nausea but still I'm pretty close to done.

Sorry, for all the bitching but I had to get it out there!  As for a weigh in which I owe you all. Umm the batteries died on our scale and I haven't replaced them yet, so tomorrow it will be.  I feel like the results won't be that great as I've been housebound but I know that I've struggled to get 450 calories a day so at least I'm not overeating!

Tomorrow I promise both a weigh in AND I will tell you about all the gadgets I use to help in this journey.

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