Friday, May 11, 2012

All Race Eve

On the eve of my first race (the 5k Preakness run) I thought I'd share a few things I've learned whilst running:

1) If you think, gosh I feel great; you are probably running way slower than you thought.  I forgot to charge my phone so couldn't keep track of my pace and thought I was doing fabulously, then realized when I got home I averaged a 17 min. mile for 3.5 miles.

2) It is nearly impossible (ok it's impossible) to listen to Staying Alive while running without doing the finger pointing thing.  To the people who passed me while I was doing said finger pointing I was not giving you the finger I promise.

3) Indestructible is the BEST song to listen to while you run!  I mean it's got a great beat and it talks about being indestructible.  Oh my you just want to kick the streets ass while you're running.

4) As slow as you may be, you are out there doing it.  I pass a fair few running while running on base and every single one has always said hi, and given that knowing "your part of the group" smile.  Even as a drag my ass around at an extremely slow pace.  I'm doing it and most people aren't that makes me proud of myself.

I'm sure I'll impart some more knowledge after my race.  Like the fact that scheduling your first race less than 8 weeks post surgery is not the smartest idea, but hey I think of it as an early Mom's Day gift to myself.

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