Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Exercise Physiologist

So as part of my surgeon's plan I need to see an exercise physiologist.  I met with Travis all the way back in October and then again today.  Today we did a two-fold visit.  First we did an hour and 20 min. workout.  20min. of cardio and an hour of weight/cross training.  My arms are dead and I imagine I will not be able to reach them over my head tomorrow.  After that we headed back to his office and did a full body composition test, again.  So now I get to share with you the before and after.

  10/3/2011 5/8/2012   Difference
Weight 254.6 205.5 49.1
Lean Muscle 119.8 106.8 13
BodyFat in lbs 134.8 98.7 36.1
BMI 42.4 34.2 8.2
Body Fat % 52.9 48 4.9

Now, of course we'd like to see the lean muscle mass never go down but that's almost impossible.  He's very happy with the number, especially the amount of fat lost.  According to his calculations my ideal weight is somewhere in the 135-140 range if I maintain this lean body mass.  I'm trying VERY hard to keep my muscles, I'm definitely going to ramp up the weights and kettlebells to two times a week for both and also continue on my cardio at 5x a week.  All in all I'm pretty happy with those numbers.  Of course I'd like to see the muscles up a bit higher but I'll deal with that the best I can.

As for my weigh-in yesterday that I missed; I weighed in at 203.2.  I'm pretty happy with that.  Now I just need to lose 3.3 lbs this week to ensure I make my completely arbitrary goal of 199 at 8 weeks out!

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