Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Late Weigh-In and PICS!

Can you believe it's been 6 weeks since I had surgery?  Oh my goodness has time flown by.  It sure didn't feel like that the first two weeks but for at least the last 2 weeks I've felt "normal".  Well whatever this new normal is.  I weighed in yesterday at 206.2!  I'm pretty happy with that.  My original goal was to be at 199 by 1 June but now I think I can make it there by week 8.  6.3 lbs in 2 weeks.  I can do it!

I did a fair bit of exercise last week and tomorrow I plan to start Crossfit.  I'm a little bit scared (ok a lot scared) but I know this type of exercise (similar to a P90X style) I love and it'll make me sweat!  I'm really excited about what the coming weeks are going to bring.  It's already starting to get easier to exercise with the weight I've lost so far and I can feel that I have more energy.  On 600 calories a day that's no small thing.

Without further ado here are some side by side pics of the first 6 weeks of weight loss.  You can really see it in my face:

Hope you enjoy.  Have a fantastic day!

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