Monday, May 14, 2012

Arbitrary Goal Not Met

Remember a few weeks ago I said I wasn't going to get all caught up in the number on the scale?  I said what mattered is that I was doing the right things, exercising, eating properly, etc. . . Remember that?  Do you also remember that last week I said I wanted to be at 199 this week?  Well I didn't make it.  I'm at 201.0.

Part of me is upset that I didn't make it to 199 by the 8 week mark and the the rational part of me says, you ran a freakin' 5k this week, you've eaten right every single day, other than that I have absolutely NO control over what happens on that scale.

That rational part of me is right.  I can only do what I do and whatever actually controls the scale does the rest.  It also helped me look at my waist measurements.  When I started towards surgery in September my waist was at over 53" now it's hovering around 45".  That's no small feat.

So while this week feels like a loss, it's not.  I have to remember that I've lost 33 lbs in 8 weeks!  That my friends is nothing to scoff at.

***Note when I do hit 199 expect much rejoicing and pictures of scales, it's been around 8 years and I'm really ready to be out of the 200's.

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